Our Goal

BioDiseno produces and designs instruments and/or tools for
laboratory use on human and animal bioscience research,
guaranteeing the quality of its products.

About Us

Established since July 2006, BioDiseno focuses on the research and
development of tools and instruments for use in medical laboratory.

Cryolock ®, our main product, is a useful device used in human and
animal IVF Labs and other research Labs. It is used for
cryopreservation and storage of gametes and embryos under liquid
nitrogen conditions.

Cryolock ®, a vitrification tool, is used in ART and animal
biotechnology. It has been designed and developed in order to make
the vitrification process more comfortable and efficient. Vitrification is
a technology that continues to gain popularity, and therefore,
Cryolock ® is a necessary tool.
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