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Vitrification is a technology that continues to gain popularity, not only for
eggs freezing, but embryo cryopreservation as well. This is where
Cryolock ®, a useful and practical tool, makes the vitrification process
more comfortable and efficient; it has been designed and developed
specifically for use in either human or animal IVF Labs and research
centers. It can also be used for  storage of oocytes and embryos under
liquid nitrogen conditions.

Cryolock ® in conjunction with the right cryoprotectant agents
allows easy handling, safe cryopreservation and long term storage under
safe conditions.

Using the
Cryolock ® process of vitrification you can achieve excellent
survival rates, and high fertilization, blastocyst and pregnancy rates for
oocytes after warming.

Cryolock ® also produces high survival rates of embryos at different
stages of development, such as zygotes, cleaved embryos and
Cryolock ® can also be used with hatched embryos or for
post-embryo biopsy for Preimpantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Cryolock ® and its secure cap were design in order to ensure maximum
safety of the specimens in storage.
Cryolocks ® are available in sterile
and sealed packages of 5 units, ready to used in human and animal
research labs.   
Cryolock ®
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